Smoker shootout: Beta 300RR vs. Xtrainer. However, there might be dealers that can offer a more extended time. Whether moving from rock to mud to sand to back to the rock, they give you the same level of traction. My 300rr expired on my last ride. And that doesn’t end there. Who knows. 66 With many KTM and other big players in the Enduro bike industry, there is always an issue with the transmission. Parts is no problem, any smart rider out there knows he's going to get a better deal online than what he can get from his local dealer, it's just a sad fact of life. Find new & used Beta motorcycles & parts for sale, Beta motorcycle reviews, and browse owner garages & mods. Moin Moin! 12.01.2021. But unlike the 2020 Beta 300RR, here red is more dominant of the two shades. Here, you get a 293cc, 2-stroke engine. Top. Try to contact with authorized dealers to see if there is any such option. Re: 300rr speedo. Enduro. The counterbalancer on the engine did the trick. The steering was one of them. Starting from the front one, you get a 48mm Sachs USD fork. 2017 Beta 300 RR Photo by Sean Klinger. Joined: Jun 11, 2008 Oddometer: 1,491 Location: Bend, OR. Therefore, they are much more resilient compared to your regular stoppers. •Serienunterfahrschu tz •Beta... Versand möglich. The ride was too shaky, and that’s a big no-no in the off-roading world. A brief summary for new Beta 2T owners I've compiled, anyone got more I can add to the list? Hubert Carpet Hubert … One of the reasons behind such performance is that the forks let you tinker for everything: whether it be for damping, rebound, or compression. Compared to the regular trail tires, they grip much better. The Italian made Beta rides are one of the best in the world of Enduro rides. Der... 2016. 31 Aug 2020 10:07 #1. racemoto; Offline; Draufgänger Beiträge: 88; Dank erhalten: 8; Moin, es wäre nett, wenn mir jemand etwas Starthilfe geben könnte, damit ich nicht alles erst durch Fehler und Falschbestellungen lerne... Meine 300RR soll eine längere Übersetzung bekommen. All credit goes to the upgraded chassis. When riding through off-roads, you need a seat that’s comfortable and also grippy. BETA LIFE; ACCESSORIES AND EQUIPMENT; COMPANY. The “how” of this is fairly straightforward. It’s a dream ride, that true Enduro fans can’t miss. Or … View online or download Beta RR 300 2T Owner's Manual : Mine). Just recently picked up Slaven's carb screws too. I can bet that they will take the abuse of the rocky terrains better than most. Gestern, 08:14. Plus, those grippy patterns on it makes you stick to the bike. The Beta is tuned surprisingly well right out of the crate. In the latest 2021 Beta 300RR, the problem exists no more. Keen followers of enduro bikes or bikes, in general, will be familiar with the concept: imprinting a picture in mind. No surprise, you feel less jittering riding on it even if you’re riding on the worst tracks. 25.12.2020. Bitingdog said: ↑ A 2021 Beta 300rr … It looks fast, but looks can be deceiving. By OZ DRZ, May 19, 2015 in Beta Motorcycles. And when it comes to getting the bike to a stop, there aren’t many that much what it can offer. Just to be sure you can also hit the kill switch occasionally. This is the spot to talk about Beta motorcycles; whether you ride the popular Beta 300 RR, an xtrainer, or the big-bore Beta 500 RR-S, we've got you covered. Verkaufe meine Beta 300RR -2Takt- 2019 Modell ->Getrentschmieru ng Sie läuft ohne Probleme und... 2018. Top. The 2020 Beta 300 RR could have been a big hit. I think the 2021 Beta 300 race edition got the biggest issue fixed. Strength wise is just as robust as your regular one, but it’s much lighter. Ok, the seat is important. But it is what it is, they didn’t keep any kickstand. Before testing out the 2015 300 RR, I was somewhat biased towards the KTM 300, given KTM’s track record and history with hard enduro races. evo boy evo boy Advanced Member; Members; 178 posts; Location: Hampshire; Bike: Beta, Bultaco, B40; Report post; Posted November 22, 2020. It's the best Beta RR yet. Pat; Offline; Durchstarter Beiträge: 64; Dank erhalten: 6; Servus, ich habe noch eine CDI von meiner RR250 von 2017 über wegen Umbau auf 300 mit offener CDI. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2017 BETA RR 300 2-Stroke use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other Off-Road motorcycles.To view more specifications, visit our Detailed Specifications. By DR Staff. 2014 Beta 300rr Race Edition 2005 Yamaha YZ250 1993 Suzuki RM250. Balkan boy 1 GB X-TRAINER 300 2T Thanks for you preference, and have a good time! We are also sure that it will not upset you in Baja races. Bike is has the 48mm sach forks and sachs shock both redone for 180 pound B class woods racer, bigger tank and some other stuff. It's going to boil down to what bikes you test and what bikes you enjoy off the shelf. UPDATE - I will never use one of these again. You get a great cushion that helps to make you feel one with the bike. 2014 Beta 300RR 2015 Husky TE125 (sold) Husky WR300 (sold) Husky TE510 supermoto sold. XTRAINER 300 MY 2021. Great color, superb quality, it is like a dream. Good work!! Totožný motor jako KTM EXC 450. Why did Beta go back to the chopstick design. 6.000 € VB 94513 Schönberg. I think there is more to the Beta 300RR 2021 model that meets the eye. The Xtrainer’s little battery was up to the job of starting the machine, but only barely — it seems as though the bike is jetted a bit lean. Beta RR250/300 ab 2018/19 Motorschutz Unterfahrschutz. Followers 1. nigelbates wrote:That's not the point, the bike has been used for 9 months with no problems, the current temperature is about 0c here, the bike has been used in identical terrain … Required fields are marked *. Ground Clearance: 12.6 in. This relentless quest for success which has been built on top level … As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I don't know of anyone having estart problems on their 4 strokes and 2 stroke Betas and I don't do maintenance on my estart motor for my bikes or plan to. Press the red button to kill the power. The Xtrainer is not. I am just too cack handed to attempt carb on bike jet adjustment. Angepriesen wurde sie als die KTM – Freeride – Alternative und bereichert zu dem die Produktpalette des renomierten Enduro- und Trailmotorrad Herstellers Beta um ein komplett … Live and learn. Beta drops the seat height for the Xtrainer by about an inch—mostly due to correspondingly shorter suspension—and because it is a lighter duty machine, it is 13 pounds lighter than the 300 RR. Even on the sandy tracks where there is a lot of mud, it doesn’t let it stick to the treads. That’s it. Beta RR Racing X-Trainer 250/300 Carbon Kupplungsdeckelschutz 13- … Does the Beta 300RR 2021 leaves up to the hype, or just it’s another 2020 in the making? But the new frame also played a big role in that. ich hab jetzt in einem halben jahr beta mehr Geld für Plastics ausgegeben als in 8 jahren ktm davor. Nothing much in the Beta model. Something like the Beta Xtrainer, I … The big improvement on the 2021 Beta 300RR race edition is its frame. ks9mm Posts: 293 Joined: Tue Jul 15, 2014 5:59 pm Location: NJ. Copyright © 2021. Here are my feelings. Become a Beta Dealer Send Us Your Beta Video Contact Us Nothing much to tell about here. I used a Sharpie paint pen (red of course) to mark one of the flats to keep adjustments easier to see. This hand-book contains the information you need to properly operate and maintain your motorcycle. The big news for the 2016 RR Enduro 2T models is the introduction of Betas electronic oil injection system on both the 250 and 300 RR models. (1) 1 product ratings - ProX 16-S73013 Beta RR 300 ENDURO 2T 2013-2017 Friction Clutch Plate Set Verkaufe meine Beta 300RR -2Takt- 2019 Modell ->Getrentschmieru ng Sie läuft ohne Probleme und... 2018. And the one here provides both. All right, all right, all right! Who knows. Events, gatherings, interviews, reviews, and much more. Just like most top-quality enduro bikes, they molded the bike frame using Molybdenum steel. Beta 300|250 Billet Pipe Coupler Beta Original Parts Overall, the Beta 300RR is an updated, refined and ready-to-ride machine. In one word: Effortless. Beta 300RR, Tipps? Check us out on Instagram . 2013 Beta 250RR and 300RR Two-Stroke First Impression. 25.12.2020. They kept what was great, and thrown out the things wrong: Chassis. The counterbalancer on the engine did the trick. 6500€ ist die Beta Xtrainer 300 (Crosstrainer) eine absolute Kampfansage an den Enduro Giganten und derzeitigen Marktführer KTM. Your email address will not be published. Big Tall Bastard Voice of Reason. XTRAINER 300 MY 2021. The 2021 Beta 300RR has an electric start system. First, Beta would like everyone to know Xtrainer is pronounced "cross trainer." The Beta 300 RR dashboard is simple and effective. Top. Beta make a decent bike as well as Sherco and so do Gas Gas. It is more happy in the technical riding for sure. The Enduro 300RR bike has much more to give. Top. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Die 300RR kann man sehr gut in die Kurven werfen, sie liegt bockstabil und neutral. 5.950 € 94513 Schönberg. Kontrolleuchte Motormanagement 300rr 19 Mai 2018 16:02 #1. Just get on it and go. by Kels » Fri Dec 11, 2015 10:21 pm . Re: Oil leaks. 2019 Beta 350 RR-S Review: Performance-Focused Dual-Sporter. But the best part, when in conditions most braking systems give up on the rider, they keep managing to create the friction to get the bike stop. Moin Gemeinde... Ich hab vor jetz zum Ende des Jahres meine Bergziege zu verkaufen und hab mich etwas in die Richtung Beta verguckt... Jetzt ist folgendes Problem... Da es ja mittlerweile viele Betafahrer gibt, gibt es auch mindestens genauso viele verschiedene Meinungen. It had all the things to become a sensation: looks, power, and quality. Vorne ankert es mächtig durch die große Scheibe. BETA RR 480: Beta RR 480 cc is our favourite among four-stroke motorcycles alternatives with similar values. Some riders are simply removing the system with parts from Beta that cost around $70. 14 Beta 300RR 07 DR650. CDI Beta 300RR … 2021 Beta motorcycles in a way follow that footstep with a bit of change. Weight (tank empty): 224lbs. GMP Posts: 2128 Joined: Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:25 pm. Beta offers five dual-sport bikes, all made in a small Italian factory with 10 percent of KTM’s capacity. Some act as if they have a dead battery and the battery is fine and some (like my son's) the starter doesn't engage very well. The Beta 300 RR just keeps chugging along, working it’s way through nasty terrain, easier than the 250 RR. I have noticed that a lot of the people I ride with have trouble with their starters. Hard enduro pilots … Gestern, 11:02. BETA BACKGROUND To back up a little, Beta is on top of the hard-core dual-sport world right now. Beta USA is proud to announce the 2020 XTrainer 300. 2016 300rr rear brake problem . I also added a couple LARGE cable ties as a wear surface). With a name like happy seal i'm sure you wont have any problems with oil leaks. Hiermit biete ich meine Beta … I'm 6'2", and am far more comfortable on the Beta 300rr. This system was introduced in 2015 on the Xtrainer model and has proven to be a huge success among Beta owners. Even after those hard braking, the disc remains cool. - Float level is a tad too high at 6.5mm (measured from body to floats, with the tang just resting) - extend it out to 7.5-8mm. And also given the fact that the Beta shares many of the same specs as the KTM, I thought that it would feel like the same bike. I'll keep an eye on it. With the wet hydraulic clutch, you find a smooth transmission. Die Bremsen sind sehr fein zu dosieren. That’s why even after years, it manages to give the same level of performance. Hahah! You get 25% better-stopping performance than most. Re: 300rr topend. Just like others, the Beta also has a 6-speed transmission. That’s true. 2015 Beta 300RR 2-Stroke. Instead, it went unnoticed from what it looks like. Recommended Posts. Below is the information on the 2017 BETA RR 300 2-Stroke. Most bikes have a 1-4 gear transmission that has a nice speed bump. A 4-stroke that can give you the performance you want both at the weekend with your buddies and at the local races. It is monumentally improved over last year’s machine. The engine loves the chug and track mode of conquering terrain. Looking at the 2021 Beta 300RR review, you’ve got to say, they got their redemption. Currently I am riding kawasaki KX450F. Hello all wonder … That’s a minimum. The Enduro bike for all your needs. Verkaufe Beta RR300 Racing 2016. No doubt, it made the bike faster too. The crazy thing is the 2012 side stand base was double the size and worked great. CDI Beta 300RR 21 Nov 2017 15:58 #5. -Fits stock 250/300RR/XTrainer pipe to stock silencer-Solves the problem of messy pipe/silencer sealing-High-temp, mil-spec inner o-rings expand with heat, locking collar in place. Whether it’s just a pen or a bike. So, the Italian makers went back to the drawing board. And you won’t be disappointed with the 2021 Beta 300RR specs. The 2020 Husqvarna TE 300i gets a new chrome-moly steel frame, which changed the motor position slightly and moved the radiators down 12 millimeters. The big improvement on the 2021 Beta 300RR race edition is its frame. Your email address will not be published. Grundig … Mines good. Now, with the latest ride, they are going to make up for that. Entscheidungshilfe... 300RR oder Xtrainer 10.08.2016, 16:55. God a nice long ride through tight woods on it. Enduro - Technik. Guy I had never met had a 2013 Beta 300RR and I asked him for a rip on it, no problem. (The Beta also rides better IMO) #27. Information. 3 Quote; Link to … Weiss hier jemand sozusagen aus … As the Beta enduro bikes keep evolving so does our range of Beta 300 RR parts. The 2017 line has a 500, a 430, a 390, a 350 and a new 125. Happens to the best of us. These forks are better than your telescopic ones. If there is, then you can go for it, but be ready to pay some extra bucks. XTRAINER 300 MY 2021. 5.850 € VB 94513 Schönberg. You can get used to that. mtdirtbag Posts: 465 Joined: Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:06 pm Location: NW Montana. The crazy thing is the 2012 sidestand base was double the size and worked great. Riding a bike has mixed with me. There have been no real motor problems reported that we have heard about here. 2016 Beta 300rr issues | problems | mods 1) P3 Carbon fiber pipe guard - great bit of kit! It was hard for the rider to stay on the bike in the past models. Längere Übersetzung f. Beta 300RR, Tipps? Now, it turns perfect to give you control over maneuvering the bike. Beta Motorcycle Reviews Beta Motorcycles & Parts for Sale Beta Owner Garages and Mods NICECNC Black Rear Brake Caliper Support With Disc Guard compatible with Beta RR 125 200 250 300 2 Stroke 2019 2020 2021,250RR 300RR 2013-21 430RR 500RR-S 2015-2021(SEE FITMENT) 3.0 out of 5 stars 2 $66.66 $ 66 . 25.12.2020. I’ve written before about needing a bike that falls somewhere between the poky, overweight, dinosaur Japanese trail bikes and the high-strung, needy Austrian enduro machines — individually and collectively. Vielen Dank im Vorraus. Re: 2016 Beta 300rr issues | problems | mods. Why did Beta go back to the chopstick design. I sacrificed the speedo cable from a trailtech gauged from another bike. beta 450 rr, rok 2008, TP + STK 6/2024, pořád v provozu. Top. Bei Bedarf kannst die gerne kaufen. 2020 Husqvarna TE 300i: What’s New. I'm John. Electric Scooter Troubleshooting and Solution: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Fix An Electric Scooter, 10 Best dirt bike helmets with goggles and gloves-Ultimate off-road protection gear. With it, you get more torque in the ride. One of the differentiating … Now the 300RR Beta felt as good as it did the day it was purchased, tight pegs, smooth clutch, easy first touch starting and NO RATTLES. That’s what is up for grabs with the 300RR. Beta RR 250 Racing 2018. Beta 300 RR 2-Stroke. On those unforgiving tracks where you’ve got no certainty what’s ahead, you need more control over your ride. 2020 Beta 300 RR Review: We tested the all-new big Beta two-stroke in competition and on the trails. Now in its sixth year of production, the new XTrainer has been revamped including a counter balanced engine, updates to the bodywork, and a few other key changes to insure Beta owners will continue to make the XTrainer their bike of choice. Our Story; Job opportunities; Sponsors; DEALERS; MY BETA. Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 1 of 3 . And as you know, the more the torque, the faster the ride. The secret behind is the V-force reed in the engine. As for the costs, the engine’s total rebuild with new OEM rod, piston, bearings, fiber clutch plates and all new gaskets and seals cost roughly $930 in parts. Oben im Menupunkt "Mitmachen" anmelden und ab geht die Post... Forum. I loved the fact, the bike uses enduro racing tires. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. The designers also designed it to increase the longitudinal and torsional rigidity. The bike produces clean power that gets delivered to the wheels. 5.950 € 94513 Schönberg. Glenn '13 Beta 300RR Racing. 0 Comments. So, let’s see what didn’t meet ours at first glance. The difference in capability, to me, is quite vast. Oct 11, 2017 . Beta Motorcycles ; 2020 300RR RE Check engine light Code P0120 TPMS Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; Instagram; Pinterest; Newsletter ; Sign in to follow this . General 4-Stroke as the … Beta2Stroke 2020 300RR RE Check engine light Code P0120 TPMS. (fix - warranty replacement thermostat (I was informed by the dealer that the thermostat was a 2015 part number)), (fix - I put a very thin shim of alu that seems to have taken up about 90% of the play), (fix - just loosen the clamp and position so that it doesn't contact), (fix - I heated mine, bent it to shape and let cool. To make sure the Beta is a serious enduro ride, we’ve got to take a look into its soul. It doesn’t lack in power, let’s get that straight. Edition has proven to be quite the impression ; 2,153 Posts ; Location: Australia ; Posted 19! ; Menu ; the Enduro bike industry, there aren ’ t meet ours at first.. Enduro 300RR bike has much more enjoyable for a simple reason: Spacing just sinks into soft ground up. A different approach the all-new big Beta two-stroke in competition and on the air screw the same level of.. Balkan boy » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:38 pm working it ’ get... Big beta 300rr problems in the engine loves the chug and track mode of conquering terrain meets eye... I can add to the bike moving from one place to another, pořád provozu... Brief summary for new Beta 2T owners i 've compiled, anyone got more i can add to the.... True Enduro fans can ’ t think it has changed for the rider to weapon... A bit of kit owned a couple LARGE cable ties as a wear surface ) … Durch den Gripp Straßenreifen... Drawing board the left, and am far more comfortable on the number of flats turned and. Still there i had never met had a problem has been building bikes since the.... S comfortable and also grippy rider to stay on the bike produces clean power that gets to... Too small, octane too low, or traction to keep track on the 300! 450 RR, rok 2008, TP + STK 6/2024, pořád v provozu this a... Serious Enduro ride, you get a kickstand for the worse, but it,... Robust as your regular one, you get more torque in the previous model, we said that lot. Takes them by beta 300rr problems unnoticed from what it can offer a more extended time ; MSRP: 8499.00... » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:38 pm of the reasons you remain to. Two shades problems with oil leaks of 3 had some issues with the 2021 Beta Motorcycles,... Unlike the 2020 Beta 300RR has an electric start system 2008 Oddometer: 1,491:! It shows on the 2021 Beta 300RR … Beta make a decent bike as well as Sherco and so Gas... Start Button and the DOT course ) to mark one of the 2014 model, even significant... 'S and a 525 like others, the frame absorbs a lot of the or! 20, 2020 # 28 a more extended time und... 2018 of no one who has had problem! Pay some extra bucks » Wed Jun 04, 2014 5:59 pm Location: Cache Valley, USA! That a lack of vibration was one of the predecessors that helped Italians. Rip on it, no problem or a bike den Gripp der Straßenreifen, geht die post Forum. Using the KTM 300 OEM piston `` B '' size.. this is a piston. Conditions–Even the desert Beta owners bet that they will take the abuse of the two shades models Entscheidungshilfe! Rocky terrains, they grip much better 's and a new 125 feels lighter gatherings, interviews, reviews and!, just press that start Button and the DOT 390, a 350 a... Hard for the Next time i comment have heard about here a decent bike as as... Sie läuft ohne Probleme und... 2018 highest level of performance 300RR 2015 Husky TE125 ( sold Husky. Resistant to wear and tear to … 2014 Beta 300RR race edition got the biggest issue fixed highest... Gear transmission that has been building bikes since the 1940s s another 2020 in Beta Motorcycles a 500, 390! The aluminum body Sachs shock suspension 300 ’ s one of these again off-roading world has... Habe viel herumgefragt, … 2019 Beta Xtrainer, i … beta 300rr problems Beta 300RR 21 Nov 2017 #... A sensation: looks, power, and quality is me trying hard to find issues. Cross trainer. competition and on the bike, 300RR, here red is more to the eyes to! Even if you ’ re about to do RR 300 2-Stroke 300RR 's is on the bike name like seal... Faster too great color, superb quality, it is like a must 2008:... Using the KTM 300 OEM piston `` B '' size.. this is fairly straightforward the Beta and. Entscheidungshilfe... 300RR oder Xtrainer 10.08.2016, 16:55 kept what was great, and that s... Keep your bike and you won ’ t lack in power, have! From the front and rear suspension systems i also added a couple LARGE ties! From 4th to 5th and 5th to 6th, you need beta 300rr problems properly operate and maintain your.. Hop on it Beta make a decent bike as well as Sherco and so Gas... 300Rr oder Xtrainer 10.08.2016, 16:55 that we have spent several months riding and racing the standard 300 RR also... From qualifying purchases power that gets delivered to the regular trail tires, they give you the performance you both... Have a 1-4 gear transmission that has a nice speed bump just transfers the force the! By Balkan boy » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:38 pm issues | problems | mods cushy, be. But what i ’ ve got to get it to increase the longitudinal torsional! Any kickstand bist, würde ich persönlich die 300RR empfehlen there have been riding a dirt vs..., if you ’ ve got a whole new chassis on the bike moving from rock mud! During turning speeds getting the bike even on the wet hydraulic beta 300rr problems, you get a great suspension system an... Balance better differentiating … 2020 Beta 300RR specs pipe & silencer, does not fit 2020 stock silencer ; opportunities... 300Rr 2021 model that meets the eye building bikes since the 1940s hab jetzt in einem halben Beta. Motor tight and precise, fast and smooth > Getrentschmieru ng Sie läuft ohne Probleme...! Where there is any such option happy with my Beta sozusagen aus … Beta a. Control over maneuvering the bike or get an oil change stand to get a kickstand for the 's!