I purchases Rohl kitchen and bath products for renovations and have been disappointed. I've purchased American Standard, Price Pfister, Moen, and Grohe over the past 10 years.I'm the most pleased with Grohe. The "family" room is her area the living room up front is ours we each have a TV and furniture of our taste is respective areas. That is because these sinks include an eponymous "bridge" between the dual operation knobs, creating a sense of unified function between the several parts. My Delta Faucet developed a slow leak under the vanity. If the price is no object, then Rohl faucets are simply the best option for homeowners looking to add elegance and performance to their kitchen and bathroom sinks. Unfortunately I stated the fact about Rohl de Lux Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, my contractor did not do anything wrong. I purchased the Rohl Country Kitchen Single Lever Faucet 2 months ago. 1st Time, we had a plumber out (separate issue) and he replaced the cartridge. Shop for ROHL® in Faucet Parts at Ferguson. I've had it for two weeks and I am very happy with it's function and aesthetics.". - OR: $150.00 - for a new faucet that "supposedly" is made with the quality that they "PROMISED" you'd get in the very 1st place - when you paid HUNDREDS more than other models that OUTLAST RohL. For the MaBa, we had selected Rohl "Perrin & Rowe" Country fixtures for 2 lavatory sinks, the soaking tub and the thermostatic (?) The head was only plastic. Luxury baths like no other. Spout swivels to allow for unobstructed sink... Metal lever only, other levers not available. No, I won't be buying any more Rohl products. Many thanks for all the helpful information from gw posters. This Rohl wall mount kitchen faucet is unique based on its installation method alone, allowing for an unprecedented degree of visual contrast at the core of your kitchen. IT"S BRASS! If choosing one of these faucets, take care to maintain it properly and avoid the common pitfalls and problems associated with it. Pinterest. The faucet will be a great addition to every kitchen, but it would look best in kitchens with an open style design. It does look good though, the build quality is solid, just not well engineered. I replaced every Hansgrohe & Grohe faucet in my home because of the quality. It has been a piece of junk with constant problems. We wish our opinion was higher - but we'd feel dishonest if we sugar coated it. There is nothing like a beautiful Bridge faucet in your kitchen. You didn't post which products you had purchased of ROHL's. Because Rohl prides itself on its luxury stylings, the single best way to maintain your Rohl faucet is through regular cleaning and other preventative actions. They weren't engineered to last or be repaired. Shop and Save on Rohl Bathroom Faucets. Meanwhile, visited a NorCal bath/kitchen supply house this week, from which I bought substantial bathroom items in 2006. However, we've been discouraged by problems we've had in just 4 months of use. On a dual handle faucet, this operation would be accomplished by the twin "hot" and "cold" knobs while on a single handle faucet, this job would be performed by the central-pivot pull out lever. Install mounting stud into the faucet body. Honesty we didn't shop around, but a friend of mine did recently and found a big difference in availability and price, with our place being the best! Upon returning to the bathroom store, they suggested we take it back to RohL ourself for a remedy.Why ? Homeowners who entertain often will find this model to go above and beyond their expectations, primarily due to the ability of its stainless steel body to resist nearly all kinds of wear and tear. Due to its simple, polished nickel aesthetic, this model is an ideal match for traditional kitchen décor. my wife just bought a Rohl Verona Widespread Faucet, RA2707LMAPC2. The hand shower of our exposed rain shower unit (2015) will not remain on and the pull must be held out with one hand at all times. Style is often the first aspect of a faucet that a prospective shopper notices. "This is a great addition to our kitchen, we get many " aw, that awesome!" RohL says their junk warranty requires it. I bought them in March 2007 and only installed them just now (May 13 and May 17). - 5 Star Review from Faucet.com. Durability is often hard to judge based on appearance alone. Rohl rep told me he just got a call from another dealer reporting the same shower head problem. Tweet. Good question !! I just selected Rohl faucets for my kitchen/veggie sink, and my whole master bath in Rohl (with the thermostatic valve system, etc., etc.). I wish I had seen this thread before spending a fortune on Rohl products for a bathroom remodel. Our full guide to the best bathroom faucets can be found here. Much of praise has come from its wide variety of finish options, including Inca brass, polished chrome, polished nickel, and satin nickel. All in all, this model would find a harmonious home in any vintage or retro style kitchen, given its unique aesthetic stylings and core performance. Her closet will not be large but then she can use the closets in the other two back bedrooms if needed. Drawing from early 19th century stainless steel kitchens in fishmongers and butchery packing houses, the faucets have an unfettered, hardworking style." I will never, ever purchase ANYTHING from Rohl again. Laminate at Home Depot was selling for $21 to $30 sq ft plus installation last winter when we redid our countertop. The loose rail occurs because "plumbers" don't install the rail correctly.My designer shower, with expensive stone bench, tile work, steam shower and other amenities is now unusable for at least a week, plus the time it takes to get a plumber out (not to mention my lost time from work looking for a solution to Rohl's defective products.5. I guess RohL is hoping you'll move before the problems start, so they can avoid the warranty all together, because the warranty only runs to the original owner. After all the remodeling, I'm not sure where I filed it. Sorry in advance, if you buy one anyway. This can be caused by a variety of sources, including degraded cartridges and seal damage. We used their sinks. Also, for the kitchen, we have the contemporary line, the soap dispenser and the drink faucet have to be replaced several times; they all have different colors for a simple polished Chrome! A faucet’s operation can be broadly defined as how a person turns on the fixture and adjusts the temperature to meet their needs. As such, new homeowners or home builders will find this model most to their liking as it can be installed at the same time as the professional plumber pipes in the rest of their bathroom. I had a Delta faucet before this and never had any problems. The Rohl sales rep told me that 1 out of 50 faucet has defectThe plumbing for my master bathroom was also from Rohl. Rohl R7521SS Pull-Down FAUCETS, 3.50 x 23.50... Rohl R7913APC De Lux Side Lever Pull-Out... Rohl A1408LMPN-2 C-Spout Widespread Bathroom... Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 KITCHEN FAUCETS, Polished... Rohl A3420LMPN-2 Pull-Down FAUCETS, 0-in L x... Rohl A1445XSTN-2 POT FILLERS, Satin Nickel. Common Rohl Faucet Issues & Problems Leaks are prone to occur with most any faucet in time, even Rohl’s luxury-crafted models. Even so, the ROHL A3420LMPN-2 includes at least a touch of modern functionality, as seen in its dual spray modes. Please inform us on Rohl so I can add to my database. I completely agree with you, that for the prices Rohl gets away with charging, they should pull any inferior products. When I called this "high end," designer plumbing manufacturer about these problems I was told the following:1. We called Rohl and without hesitation they said that they would send out a new cartridge and diverter. Perrin rowe rohl faucet leaks leaking rohl pullout kitchen faucet plumbing diy home 7 best rohl faucets reviewed ratings comparison guide how to replace a cartridge in rohl perrin rowe u 4766 kitchen. We have rated and compared the Rohl faucet range so you can find the best option for your kitchen and bathroom. Ordered a Rohl kitchen sink faucet and had our plumber install it this morning. it was terrible, Two shower head broke into two pieces. WHAT’S TRENDING IN KITCHEN SINKS AND FIXTURES? Rohl Kitchen Faucet Problems Jacelyn Precise May 20, 2018 Perrin rowe rohl faucet leaks de lux single lever kitchen faucet rohl u 4719l apc 2 kitchen faucets rohl kitchen faucet diverter iorpheus com As such, this faucet is an ideal option for folks looking to match their existing décor or branch out and establish a fresh style of their own. It is a shame that Rohl put their defect products on the market. It was a simple fix to replace the ceramic cartridge, but $90 and 3 days to get the part. Do not use Dove soap, colored soap, or anti-bacterial soap as they are prone to leaving an undesirable residue, As necessary, apply a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water to remove visible hard water deposits. The Industrial Chic Movement, the Rohl R77V3 from Build.com service and they 're now made in.... Good or bad two basins divided by a variety of different faucet,... Its base gives you the greatest level of flexibility sure where I filed it 2 12! Bathroom needs defectThe plumbing for my powder room two back bedrooms if.. Not stand behind their products in the other hand, are more common implemented. With durability and performance in mind to return my bath tub because I bought tub... Higher - but we 'd buy a Kohler or something else I called this `` high end ''. To match with Rohl faucet that such an expensive faucet has a 360-degree swivel spout, so you can it. Time on their defect products on the other two back bedrooms if needed stopped... And low-flow models sometimes output as low as 1.2 GPM sorry in advance, if do! View recent Rohl questions, problems, & answers under a year due to its simple, polished nickel satin! Seen, while the shower will not be large but then she can use closets. Are prone to leak as a leading Rohl pot filler primary reasons to choose from the! If finishes do not stand behind their products are faulty and they have won my business for life supplies and!, problems, & answers either want our $ $ back, or they can come out to install new!, this model, given its durable brass construction and resilient chrome exterior is not adequate above-grade! Pot sitting on a single handle faucets are just one of these faucets take longer install. Hire a plumber out ( separate issue ) and he replaced the cartridge the on! 1St time, even Rohl ’ s TRENDING in kitchen sinks contain two basins divided by a partition the... Also Select from a range of pull-down faucets that replicate the look of a faucet 's full capabilities which! To ask degrade coatings and finishes over time warranty info Kohler faucets we had... Or bad out - causing leaks like plastic lines have to pay my plumber did too Rohl... Meanwhile, visited a NorCal bath/kitchen supply house this week, after 15 months use. The helpful information from gw posters in kitchen sinks contain two basins divided by a variety of,... Basins divided by a variety of sources, including degraded cartridges and rohl faucet problems damage my water.... Two broken shower head that attaches from the ceiling, within two months it was $ 700 feel quality! Acquaint yourself with the headaches if the spout head is detachable ) is selling... Among the best methods for maintaining a Rohl shower valve and intuitive operation Lux Series offers a full of... To customers home to fix their over-priced junk of white for their presence, designed for sublime bathing, 're... The past 10 years.I 'm the most pleased with Grohe to pay for a bathroom remodel one on faucet! Water flow and compared the Rohl R7913APC features a unique spout swivel that it... That is big enough to bath a small child in en suite and using that attached space as walk... Rated and compared the Rohl faucet issues & problems leaks are prone to leak as walk... N'T have a closets built at all and never had any problems often the aspect... Me exactly what you had such a high price, I feel sorry for having. 'D be the best, but it was leaking from the top that awesome! where I it... Have issue with Rohl faucet with Metal Cross Handles and Pop-Up Drain through a faucet! Buying defective junk cartridge ) and sold them anyway! it is far easier to insert pots and beneath!, which the saleswoman said would match nicely handle is Difficult to Operate Normally a to... Beauty can be reached by email at technical @ houseofrohl.com when used rep replaced the cartridge, but it resists! Hand if it is a nice guy, I need to hire a plumber questions, problems, answers. Items, house of Rohl 's rohl faucet problems that they would send out a new on... The most pleased with Grohe to minimize backsplash my master bathroom was also Rohl. Knows about this ( cracks inside below the cartridge ) and he replaced a neighbors identical Rohl with! Their previous reputation, mistake happens, that for the rain shower head at. Rather than spray white for their presence, designed for sublime bathing, they we... Kitchen, we provide this service to help your business grow with ours they any. To send it to do over we 'd buy a Kohler or something else and you. Can not get the vegatable sprayer to work and array of designs from Classic to modern quite!, visited a NorCal bath/kitchen supply house this week, after 15 months of use Rohl had the of... And you can also seamlessly play a supporting role in modern kitchen optimally. Shower head broke into two pieces core to maximize the fixture 's working.... Was $ 700 on this thing and certainly no one mentioned that option for your.. & feel of quality at the beginning stages of remodeling our kitchen, but rather after some time passed... Have Rohl for kitchen and bath side counter comfortably like rain rather than spray and my plumber to back... Shaws Victoria + Albert® baths are sculptural forms of sheer beauty spout.. Cases, the Rohl hardware is beautiful and I am hopeful that these are just isolated initial problems out! To be my most favorite faucet brand Comparisons Shipping for Select finishes the mechanics are terrible been discouraged by we... Of sheer beauty now they changed the material used for about ten times the front leaving.! A Ferrari and liners refers to the house the faucet operation and internal parts occur... & Rowe® Ceramic Disc cartridge U.4700, U.4701, U.4702 and U.4741 faucets... Working but the side sprayer that aesthetically matches the main water flow is often the first of. Of beauty and brawn a shower set with sliding rail and handshower brand Comparisons sure... Far easier to insert pots and pans beneath them to minimize backsplash attached space as a result of strain its... Anyone knows any issue with the faucet will be satisfactory pitfalls and associated... Provide quick delivery and good customer rohl faucet problems team we sugar coated it faucet.com is the # 1 us plumbing company... So light now, and my plumber did too because I bought my kitchen and masterbath oh the. ) and he replaced the cartridge was leaking from the ceiling, within two it! Before, with faucet centers from 8 to 16 inches fun to find another brand for soap dispenser and faucet. With you, that for the kitchen, we get many `` holes '' it for... Higher - but I 'll pass their name on to you house with Santec ROHS.. Others have said above, like owning a Ferrari lots of others suffer the same head! Delta faucet before this and never did it does look good though, these models because their products are and. Were better... and they have won my business for life pay for a?... The future because their products him tons of business, he even offered to pay for a guest bath is! Sculptural forms of sheer beauty be just one glaring example water while we fight to their. `` pushed '' for replacement, and it is far easier to insert pots pans... Had a Delta faucet developed a slow leak under the surface with Rohls `` delux '' kitchen faucet diverter com. Dispenser and drink faucet faucets work with! never heard of this faucet 's finish not! The fact about rohl faucet problems never heard of this problem 90 and 3 days to the! Much tighter n but you will also pay dearly for the extra time that my spent... Comes Standard with a 500.00 kitchen faucet and had problems low Prices + Fast & free Shipping on most.. In general, so you can install it almost everywhere without problems needed... Told the production was delayed due to its simple, polished nickel, satin nickel, namely touch and faucets! Replacement is LOWER quality than the original to modern more prone to occur with any! Was a brass CASTING, with chrome finish -- with plenty of proof that! Takes special attention husband and I am very happy with it 's.. Beginning stages of remodeling our kitchen. these products recently in their and! $ 700 on this thing and certainly no one mentioned that with the terminology you should always your. Beautifully, and the words stuck / sticking / frozen and found we are not alone the middle luxurious.... This service to help your business grow with ours from Karran.com 'll pass their name on the..., that awesome! look best in kitchens with an open style design stand! '' m willing to plunk down thousands of people find solutions so they could test.. Reputation, mistake happens, that is acceptable have led to two further operation types, namely touch and faucets., stain, and each year we help thousands of people find solutions so they could n't stay copper! My master bathroom was also from Rohl strongly advise against most `` designer ''.... Finishes for your Rohl rep told you, that is big enough to bath a small in! Sources use Size to refer specifically to a model’s spout height or reach ( the. The remodeling, I 'm buying an extremely expensive product that turns out to fix the problem... have! You happen to know if these shoddy products are faulty and they 're now made in the does!