Jungle Scout offers a suite of software designed to help Amazon sellers sell more. Algopix Amazon product research tool offers a comprehensive platform to help sellers, providing … Keywords lead to key phrases and key phrases lead us to what the consumer is really looking for. For one, it’s limited to what people are searching, so if they don’t know they need your product yet, they won’t be searching for it. I thought this was odd at first. This tool is described as a “ curation of winning products every... #2: DropshipMe. Facebook is an unparalleled place to zero in on your ideal customer. AMZScout 4. Finally, I got my hands on the sales of hair regrowth products on Amazon. The eCommerce industry in particular however is relatively difficult to research, as the companies within the sector can have vastly different products and business models. Google Trends is another cool Google tool you can use to reap market research learnings. Here’s a look at how it works. What does the competitive landscape look like and at what price points for almost any product. Jungle Scout’s CEO Greg Mercer, and other ecommerce pros, detail the entire seller journey to find and launch a new product… You would probably sign up for one of the many retailer-syndicated data feeds that are available showing scan data of items in the channel you were researching. When I built my first business at the age of 25, it was at the beginning of the digital age of business. Many of the tools we have today help us understand the customer on a much deeper level. IO Scout 5. Irvine, CA 92618 They boosted sales by creating a marketing campaign around those themes for their private label brands. Here’s what we mean. … Kickstarter projects are built on crowdfunding, and people’s excitement about a product they’re helping bring to fruition is different from a product they’re buying from any online store. Doing your dropshipping product research on Amazon is also very simple if you use the right tools. If a particular product announcement catches your eye, you can click on it to read an overview, along with key insights into why this product is so popular: The beauty of Google Trends is that it’s powered by the searches the majority of the world is performing online (at last count, Google owned 87.5% of the global search market share). Seller App 3. And determining market size potential for new products … TrendHunter is designed more for browsing and gaining inspiration, rather than typing in a keyword and gut-checking your idea (use our next tool, Google Trends, for that). We are always looking for the Holy Grail that will tell us something about the consumer that no one else can see so we can engage that consumer more effectively than our competitor. A few years ago I was looking into marketing a hair regrowth product that was a Rogaine competitor. keyboard_arrow_left ... Get the tools you need to make managing your business easy, so you can focus on growing it. Was it effective, where can you buy it, user ratings and similar ideas. Learn how to to find winning products online in this dropshipping product research tutorial! Having said that, Exploding Topics will also save you from wasting time. Dropship Rabbit collects and provides you with the latest trending products including just-launched, today’s and this week’s best sellers. Jungle Scout is a one-stop ecommerce tool for those who want to start selling on Amazon. Fortunately, brainstorming is easy with an online product research tool. Dropship Rabbit claim to have the largest product database and the numbers from their home page are quite impressive: 250,000+ Stores, 97,000,000+ products and 130,000+ new products … This is where you can learn how people search for your brand or a brand you are interested in. © 2021 Digital Marketing Agency Orange County CA | Your Marketing People. You can also filter by location, time period, and more. 21 Product Research Tips To Uncover Legit Ecommerce Market Opportunities. Such product research tools are … Ecommerce Research Tools JungleScout. That’s the easy part. Dropshipping Winning Product Research Tools #1: EcomHunt. This is one of the best tools I have ever used. Ecomhunt should be your number one go-to. What they are thinking about, what they care about and what they love. Using SaleSource to dropship means never worrying about finding top products and always staying ahead of the curve. Best E-commerce product research tools for Amazon Posted On December 3, 2019 August 31, 2020 By USA Business Team Product research plays a very crucial part in the successful E … If you are not using Facebook for outreach and lead generation for your E-commerce site, you are missing out on a very efficient and low-cost way to capture consumers. Also, you can get a very clear picture to determine market size for your target customer. Think about it. I discovered a few things about the hair regrowth customers. Commissioning your own marketing study was also an option, but it was expensive and was very dependent upon how the study was done and how the results compiled and interpreted. Since the customer was purchasing the product anonymously online, we get a clear picture of what the consumer really wants. Winning Product Finder New Product Spy is a product analysis search engine for professional dropshippers or E-commerce entrepreneurs. 12 Best Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools for 2021 1. Boost Your Sales with the most accurate eCommerce Product Research and Analysis on the market +400 million top-selling products at your fingertips! AOL was in its infancy, Amazon had yet to sell a book and there was no Google. If you have a Facebook Business Page, you can use their free audience insights tool … In my research online, I looked at how consumers searched for hair regrowth and where they purchased it. Think of Amazon as part of your omnichannel approach to selling. But it doesn’t tell you anything about what the customer really wants. Dropship.ai is the largest database of popular high-margin products backed by real data. Pinterest Trends is a new tool that shares the top US search terms from the past year. You can search by category or location: You can also search by parameters like “Most Funded or “Most Backed.” The “Most Funded” filter looks for Kickstarters that raised the most money — this is an important filter for more high-end items. 200 Spectrum Center Dr, Today there are so many tools available in this rapidly changing environment there is no excuse for not having a deep understanding of your customers’ behavior. The first free market research tool I recommend using is Google Trends. Enter a keyword, and you’ll be served a rich list of related keyword ideas, search volume, competition, plus seasonal trends—helping you identify the right times to launch your product. Product research to identify high-demand products; Keyword research to optimize product … 1. And did I mention that many of them are FREE? And it dawned on me:  If you were buying hair regrowth products, wouldn’t you want to purchase them anonymously? With Kickstarter’s Discover feature, you can find which projects are the most popular at the moment: Kickstarter makes searching for popular products very accessible. Today, however, any e-commerce retailer can do a very good job of consumer research and product research with the tools at their disposal. But the world of e-commerce is customer-centric, meaning we get a clear picture of what is important to the customer. You can also take a look at their backlink data to see if they picked up a lot of press mentions at launch time. Fortunately, these product research tools can help accelerate this evaluation process significantly, … If you already have a website up and running for any length of time, then you have one of the most powerful analytical tools at your disposal. Then I sat back to think about this customer. As marketers, we have the best and most accurate research tools available and they get better every day. Anyone with an Adwords account has access to one of the best keyword planner tools available. Ecommerce business owners who … There are a lot of tools out there for you to use when researching your next big thing. From a product research perspective, the popular pages report is particularly valuable, as you can see which products are most popular. “It doesn’t sell in the drug stores or supermarkets” was their point. Key features. They give us insight into consumer behavior. You can use this tool to find the average search volume of various keywords, phrases, products, or niches. ... , most store sellers are forced to manually research products … Study Amazon Categories For Product Research … Philip Masiello is a veteran Amazon seller and president and CEO of e-commerce marketing agency Hound Dog Digital. When using Kickstarter, we recommend leveraging the filters to make the results more relevant for you. The Ideas screen brings up the latest articles from TrendHunter contributors. This makes it … If you are a heavy Google Analytics user, you can view so many things about your customer and how they interact with your site to make improvements to conversion, to make improvements to your ads, emails. It’s important to remember that popularity on Kickstarter doesn’t necessarily translate to real-world popularity. What consumers say they want and do and what they actually do, are two entirely different things. Product research takes a lot of time and effort to do manually. The best ecommerce tool ever created for . In Q4 of 2016, close to 60% of all e-commerce purchases occurred on Amazon. The added bonus of Google Trends is the ability to complete a search for a product or business idea and then … Google Analytics provides the basic demographics about your customer, and in addition it will tell you where those customers are coming from, what type of device they are using, when they are on your site, and what their behavior is on your site. There was a lot of guessing and interpreting from the experts you hired to help you. Quite possibly the most underrated ecommerce market research tool available is Facebook Audience Insights. So no matter what you put in to your “Interests,” Facebook sees exactly what you’re interested in by what you watch, read and post. You can look at what videos people are watching or what they are reading. Growing your business in the competitive eCommerce industry takes a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t have to be hard if you rely on the right product research tools. One of those tools is their Opportunity Finder, which identifies product trends with a focus on “profitable product niches.” This helps hopeful store owners decide on the first product for their Amazon store, or determine how to expand their brand with new unique products. You tell Facebook who your friends are and who your family is. Unless you’re in the business of white labeling or manufacturing your products, one of your store’s top... SEMRush. Product Research tools and Import Tools listed here are essentials for running an e-commerce dropshipping business. Top 7 Product Research Tools for eCommerce Websites. From the Pebble watch to the Exploding Kittens card game, Kickstarter is where many of today’s popular products got their start. Maybe you’re ready to expand into new product lines, or attract new target audiences. This can obviously help you develop your Pinterest marketing strategy, but more than that, it can help you identify new trends, observe what people are interested in and planning for, and develop your product line accordingly. If you want to emulate big name brands like Adidas, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and others, TrendHunter is for you. Amazon is a key place for determining what the big sellers are in any category. Helium 10 2. Filters allow you to narrow in on a product that will work for you, based on capacity and budget: Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder doesn’t just stop at product opportunities; it also helps you find the right keywords to sell your product on Amazon: Jungle Scout is built for Amazon, so its insights may not be as applicable for an eCommerce site that exclusively sells through their own site. What this information shows you is what is important to the customer. When it comes to AliExpress dropshipping with WordPress, then your go-to winning product tool … 9+ best dropshipping product research tools 1. KWFinder is a popular tool for doing just that. CamelCamelCamel 10. Whatever you’re planning, it’s time to brainstorm. Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm I could write an entire book on the information you can get from Google Analytics. Research Hashtags On Social Media To Uncover Trending Products. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface. The customer and product research required to develop a business was a long, expensive process. Determining the size of the potential market was an entirely different discipline full of its own experts and methodology. Today, however, any e-commerce retailer can do a very good job of consumer research and product research with the tools at their disposal. Contact Your Marketing People to discover how we can make sure your product launch is a success. Or we had to hire expensive trend spotters who were experts in determining customer behavior and product trends for the future. From all of this, it became clear that the hair regrowth customer was of the opinion that the foam was more effective because it stayed on the hair longer. That’s where we come in. From product research to product launch, it can help you build and grow your Amazon business from scratch. You wanted to determine the sales potential of the product. Some days I can spend the entire day searching on Google Trends. All products … Next up, we have Sell the Trend - an AI based tool … 2 Free Tools to Help Your eBay Product Research There are essentially two ways you can dig around for products to sell on eBay: slogging through it manually or having a handy-dandy tool to help you out.