That led to a push for expansion, causing the changes of additional divisions, wild card playoffs and more. The goal is to present an official expansion proposal to MLB at the 2021 Winter Meetings in Nashville. The modern era of Major League Baseball began with 8 teams in the National League in 1900 and 8 in the American League in 1901. Tampa Bay joined the American League (AL) East … If the NFL were to add a 33rd team via expansion, I’ll tell you where … The Marlins and Rockies used the expansion draft to build their teams using different … The 1997 Major League Baseball expansion draft was conducted by Major League Baseball (MLB) on November 18, 1997, in the Phoenix Civic Center to stock the major league rosters of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks, new major league expansion franchises that were set to start play in the 1998 season. This article will cover the history of expansions and franchise moves in MLB. More specifically, Major League Baseball ("MLB") refers to the entity that operates North America's two major leagues, the National League and the American League, by means of a joint organizational structure which has existed between them since 1903.On an organizational level, MLB … In the future, changes to Major League Baseball will likely be made. Major League Baseball hasn’t expanded since 1998, but if there is MLB expansion, here are seven potential cities for new teams. This article features specific speculations –– expansion teams, teams relocating to different cities, changes to team logos and colors, changes in season scheduling, and changes to the game itself. Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of play in professional baseball in the world. MLB now sees gross revenues in excess of $10 billion, and with two new clubs the owners would likely garner $2 billion or more in expansion fees, not to … The 1990 collective bargaining agreement between MLB owners and the MLB Players Association allowed the NL to expand by two members to match the American League (AL). Kudos to MLB for pondering geographic realignment as one way to try to clear the countless logistical hurdles threatening a return to business during the global pandemic. Welcome to, the official site of Major League Baseball. It may be a bit off but there are cities who want a team to boost themselves despite the risks. In June 1991, MLB accepted bids of groups from Miami, Florida, and Denver, Colorado, with debuts set for 1993.. Present MLB logos for all 30 teams. It’s also led to MLB expanding from only a handful of teams to 30 and yet still talk of more in the future.